The application of electronic potting

Eastern industrial paint and coatings industry such as passenger and freight vehicles, aerospace, vehicle maintenance, container, and machinery and equipment in the field of coating formula usually need to conform to the requirements of the different manufacturing processes. Shanghai Meidong materials can help the research and development and technical personnel to meet the strict requirements of these areas of coating, and bring the advantage of high value to the end user, for example, improve production efficiency and reduce energy consumption and solvent emissions.

Technology developers can select the most suitable curing agent from a series of epoxy curing four common cashew oil agent. These products have demonstrated the characteristics of first-class corrosion resistance, fast curing, low surface treatment requirements, low temperature curing, which is due to the nature of the chemical structure. Shanghai Meidong epoxy curing agent can also be specially configured, meet the requirements of different processing, the example:, use the line to produce rapid recoating time. Second, in different substrates and difficult to adhere to the substrate surface to attach. Third, no solvent categories of products. All of these properties can be integrated to provide a lasting, more secure environment for the customer, and higher productivity, thereby saving cost.

How to choose the best curing agent depends on the appropriate industrial paint properties, such as the target solid content, curing speed, in a certain situation of coating properties, color, application method, overall performance. Many Eastern curing agent can always "mixing and spraying" without additional accelerator agent, expensive anticorrosion pigment and co curing agent, adduct, or modify the final formulation of materials.