Adhesive application

Epoxy adhesive must be based on the terminal application area, providing the complex combination of various properties of the adhesive strength to the insulation properties. Eastern products as the adhesive provides unique advantages, such as fast and low temperature curing, excellent thermal shock resistance, no solvent system, low viscosity, and good overall chemical and mechanical properties.

Est also provides a series of unique cardanol epoxy resin, diluent and modifier, technical personnel to provide products to meet specific performance goals. Est epoxy resin and modified agent series products including cashew oil modified epoxy resins, active and non active epoxy diluent and versatile modifier. They can not only reduce the viscosity, but also can improve the corrosion resistance, toughness, and early water resistance and adhesion. The technical personnel to use this kind of product in the non solvent formulation to strengthen the product performance and the construction performance goal. In addition, cardanol synthesis difunctional epoxy resin specifically for the need to increase system flexibility also does not affect the other performance characteristics.