United States declared "National Science and technology support program" won the high evaluation

2014 Shanghai Meidong biological material Co., Ltd., Anhui Meidong biological material Co., Ltd. and Northeast Petroleum University jointly developed "super high solid points plant phenolic amine epoxy curing agent" for the product preparation technology development and application of environmental friendly high performance coating. Anhui provincial science and Technology Department to obtain a strong recognition and support, in the declaration of national science and technology support program project was highly praised and affirmed by experts.

The product: low viscosity, high solid, low VOC (VOCs is less than 50 g/L), high performance, self catalytic technology applications; for the state to support the use of non solvent paint, lower VOC, protect the environment to provide support and protection.

Mainly used in:

The ship

The offshore drilling platform

The bridge and the pipeline

The train

The military

The other.